Participation game 25 June 2-4

On Saturday 25 June Wakefield and district war gamers will be providing everything you need to play hordes of the things.
This classic set of rules allows you to recreate epic fantasy battles
So pop,down to the shop between 2-4 to join the fun



More 1/35 T 35 tank build Zvezda kit

Started to build up the kit leaving some of the sub assembly’s separate for ease of painting. I’ve given it all a undercoat of Vallejo German uniform.

Notice on the top edge of the large turret the gloss on the edge this is my home made filler ,take some liquid cement and dissolve bits of Sprue until you get a thick goo .

Next job is to carry on building and start some pre shading


You can pop into the shop during opening times to see the build in the “flesh”
Cheers paul

New kit build T35 Tank in 1/35

The new Zvezda 1/35 kit is of the only 5 turreted tank to go into production.
It proved to be an utter failure as attested by most photos are of German soldiers posing on knocked out ones , but I think it looks great

First check its all in the box then wash all the sprues in warm water with a bit of washing up liquid.
Leave to dry then crack on with the build ,so far so good a bit of filling and fiddling to get the main turret base



As you can see the build is progressing I will post more as its done
Cheers paul